Take Action Against Gendercide

As many as 200 million females are missing because of gendercide. Now is the time to stand up for girls and women everywhere. The It’s a Girl Action Campaign, developed with our partners working in India and China, outlines three immediate steps you can take in the fight against gendercide.

  • Petition World Leaders

    India: Join It’s a Girl and the 50 Million Missing Campaign in demanding that the Indian government take action and enforce laws against female feticide, female infanticide and dowry murders.

    China: We are joining our partners Women’s Rights in China and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers in demanding that world leaders commit to helping end forced abortion and sterilization in China under the One Child Policy, and take action against China’s gendercide.

  • Save a Girl

    India: Help keep a girl in India alive by donating to the Invisible Girl Project, whose programs encourage Indian mothers to keep their girl children alive and provide the orphaned girls with food, shelter and education.

    China: Pregnant women at risk of sex-selective abortion, women being pressured to abandon their newborn girls and women at risk of forced abortion or sterilization can all receive support through Women’s Rights Without Frontiers’ network of fieldworkers in China.

  • Tell Everyone You Know

    Spread the world about gendercide to everyone you know. Please join us in using the power of Facebook, Twitter and email to tell your friends, family and the world that gendercide is real, is happening right now, and must end!