For Libraries and Campuses

t’s a Girl is available to educators for use in classrooms, libraries and screenings on campus by purchasing the special Educational Version of the film.

The Educational Version of It’s a Girl includes the following:

  • Full length (63 minute) version of It’s a Girl
  • Classroom length (52 minute) version of It’s a Girl
  • Official It’s a Girl trailer
  • English, Chinese, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Closed captioning for the hearing-impared

Universities and Colleges

Colleges and Universities must pay “University & College” price listed under each film title. This license includes library rights and unlimited Public Performance Rights (PPR) for the life of the disc. (Note: If only one public screening of the film is desired and the organization does not want to keep a copy of the film, University and Colleges may prefer the single screening license available here, or contact

K-12 Schools, Government Agencies and Non-profit Organizations

K-12 schools, Government Agencies and non-profit organizations may purchase the training/internal use license. This allows the organization to show the film internally in classrooms or for staff training purposes only, and may not be used for public screenings. The copy of the film may be kept by the organization for unlimited use for the life of the disc, but does not include Public Performance Rights (PPR).

Public Libraries

Public libraries can purchase the special educational license for a significantly discounted price. The copy of the film may be kept by the library for use for the life of the disc, but does not include Public Performance Rights (PPR).

Public Performance Rights:

Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow screenings of DVDs for educational purposes. PPR are included with “University & College” license purchases. PPR permits screenings in a classroom, library or campus facility.

Rights Included with the Purchase

  • All videos are leased for the life of the disk.
  • Public Performance rights are included with “University & College” license purchases.
  • Purchase does not include nor imply the right to transmit videos by analog or digital means by broadcast, open-cable, direct broadcast satellite, Internet or other means nor to any off-campus or distance-learning site.

To purchase a copy of the film licensed for educational use, complete the form below:

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Note: This determines which screening DVD you are sent.

All screenings of It’s a Girl require the purchase of Public Performance Rights, which grant the screening host copyright permissions to screen the film in a public setting. Please let us know which is the best match for your use of the film. (If these price points do not fit within your budget, please let us know. We will do our best to work within the means you have available!)

(Host must cover travel, hotel and honorarium)

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